3 OutRageous MLM Referral Systems From A Lady Who Makes 100 Million a Year.

Dear Friend,

Because I LOVE to Give Away Free Samples of Products That HELP People I Have Already Adapted and Ethically Used These 3 Ideas.

Check This Out.

Then Decide Which Idea YOU want to Try Yourself.

(EDITORS NOTE — We Use These Sampling Ideas from Home. So don’t poo poo anything Just Yet.)

A Client Bought me a Seat at an MLM Event in Texas.

The Blonde Gal making 100 million Said,

#1 — “Please Pour Yourself a Glass of Icewater. Empty a packet of “Energy Lemonade. And then ENJOY the Energy.”

(I was already eating “Super Spinach.” So I didn’t Sleep that night.)

#2 — “Try these Purple Pills. They remove Stress. But also Give You Wild and Crazy Dreams.

(Oh yeah. Got the Dreams going on Big Time.)

#3 — “Eat These 3 Natural Herb Pills First Thing. Please Notice You DO NOT FEEL HUNGRY for the Next 6 to 8 hours.

(I am 5 foot 10 inches — 150 lbs. Tried the pills anyway. Yup. Didn’t get hungry all day.)

  • We Adapted This Blond’s Sampling Strategy. And Now “Sample — Give Away” Ideas and Strategies from Home.
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THE CHOCOLATE KISS — Pretty Girls HUG You — Strategy —

Client Shares How He Got Pretty Nurses to HUG Him While He Was Recovering In The Hospital

Randal asked the nurse, “Can I Give You A Kiss?”

Before the Nurse Could Slug Him He Held Up His Hand with 3 Chocolate KISSES in it.

The Nurse Said, “Awww. That’s So Sweet.”

Randal opened his arms.

The Nurse Gave Him a Big Hug. Everybody wearing masks.

But Did Not Matter.

Indian Medicine Man Cactus Juice — Pain Relief in 20 Minutes —

The Story goes a White man followed an Indian Medicine Man Around. Watched him pick the Red Fruit out of the top of Cactus. Then cure all kinds of maladies for his tribe.

White man Planted 100,000 Acres of Cactus.

Fast Growing Business Now Sells “Cactus Juice” all over the world. (And does it by giving away Samples.)

We Bought a Bottle for a Neighbor. She has all kinds of little Aches and Pains. Especially Arthritis Joint Pain.

At Lunch she drank a glass with 3 inches of CACTUS JUICE in it. But Didn’t Say a Word. So I said, “Oh well. The Cactus Juice Must not have helped you. I’ll take it back. Get you something else.”

Erica GRABBED the bottle. Clutched it to her chest. And said, “No You Won’t. Almost all my pain in gone.”

VERY SATISFYING to be able to do that.

250 Million Dollar M & M’s Candy Jar Referral System — Used by 1000’s of Salespeople in Australia.

I Mailed a Plastic Jar full of M & M’s to Jimmy in Georgia. Jimmy had never bought anything from me.

Jimmy ate them all. Asked for another Jar Full.

ANNOYED. I Reluctantly Bought another 8 bucks worth of M & M’s and Shipped them down there.

Jimmy Suddenly Bought 5200.00 of my Sales and Marketing Programs.

Suddenly I was Not feeling Annoyed.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

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