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Thanks For Looking At The PHOTO of These Face-mask Wearing Waitresses,

A Question:

How do you Have An ENJOYABLE MEAL — when your waiters and Waitresses are Doing the MASK and SOCIAL DISTANCE Thing?

2 Ideas From Billionaires/Disneyland Might Help.


Each Headline Describes a Report About How to Apply These 2 Ideas. For Success in Business. Shopping. Meeting People.

The Lotto Ticket Tipping Story Below is How Our Clients Practice. You Do not Want to Try Out a New Idea on a Client and Risk Losing A Sale. Thus Lotto Ticket Tipping is Great Practice.


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The “McDonalds Effect” is The Reason Why People Buy The More Expensive “HAPPY MEAL”. It’s All about the Toy. The Movie Action Figure.



The “McDonalds Effect” is used all thru Disneyland.

Why Did My Client Mona-The-Chiropractor Spend 15 Grand of the Extra Dinero We Made Together in her Practice for A Disney-Dinner?

Mona Wanted to Experience How The EXPERTS Do it.


Mona Gave Away Her Top 3 Best Selling Services For Free. And Broke Her All Time Monthly Sales Records Month after Month. All by Referral. No Costly Marketing or Social Media AT ALL.

A —…

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Dear Friend,

My Friend Randy-The-Retired-CIA Agent and Computer Genius hunted Down Steve Job’s College Girl Friend.

And We Interviewed Her by phone.

Later, when We Read The Walter Isaacson Book About Steve, a Few Things Became Much Clearer.

What I want to Focus on here, though, is Salesmanship.

Based on The Combination of INFO from “THE GIRLFRIEND” and “The Isaacson book” — Steve Seemed to Have Practiced His Famous Sales Skills on College Coeds.

Before He and Woz Started “APPLE COMPUTER” Steve Jobs Was Practicing Salesmanship.

COLLEGE GIRLFRIEND — “Steve Told me he met a Sales Wizard when he was…

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My Nuclear Physicist Friend, Melvin, Seduces Hot (Mask-Wearing Women Drivers) from His Car, At Red Lights, On The Way to Work.

Forget About Pandemic Fears. Masks and Social Distancing. Melvin Gets Beautiful Women to Pull over. Give him their Phone Numbers and Email Address.

He Calls This his FLIRT HOBBY.

PRE-PANDEMIC Flirt Hobby - Melvin Used a Red Clown Nose To Flirt Women Out of Their Cars.

Odd How We Met. Melvin Bought a 20,000.00 Jay Abraham Seminar Seat. Don’t believe VideoConference Folks When They Say, “We Don’t Do Barter.”

You call up and say, “I have a Check…

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Thanks for Wanting to Help Reduce Pollution,

You Can Think whatever you like But MY OPINION is that we are the Cause of the truly Horrible Weather around the World.

And — if you do not agree.

Then Think of Your Pocket-book!

Reducing Your Electric Bill by 100 bucks a month is 1200 Smackers. This adds Up!

Only 3 Steps to my Results.

Step I — Replace all Your Light Bulbs with LED Bulbs.

LED’s only use 1/10th as much Juice as Flouescents.

They are Brighter too.

So What I Did is go thru all my Bathroom mirror lights. Unscrew…

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Dear Friend,

After finding two different kinds of snakes in my garage I looked up “Snake Charmers.”

Like Magicians Snake Charmers are SNEAKY.

The Dancing Cobra is not responding to the music. But raises it’s head off the ground And Sways back and forth as a Defense measure. The “Snake Charmer” waves his flute in their face.

This week When I opened my Right Garage Door A two foot long Black Snake SNAKED away under my Tool Cabinet.

Did I go under there to “Snake” him out?

I did not.

I know that Black Snakes eat mice. And I am…


I had This “Waitress-Whistle” in my Pocket Last night. Got pulled over coming back from a shopping trip to Wal-Mart.

It Seems I had crossed the Double Line after driving around one of those “Rotary” traffic circles.

Lotta Bright white light behind me — like an Alien Space Ship landed.

Then the Carnival Colors started flashing.

So I pulled over.

The cop said, “You went over the double line back there. License, Registration, Insurance, please.”

I noticed he was looking at me “Funny.”

Which made me a bit nervous. Because I gave Him LAST Years insurance Card. …

Dear Friend,

You might have seen the Statistic that ON AVERAGE people CHECK their iPhone Messages 800 Times a Day.

You Should Feel a bit Shocked.

Especially when You Find out this was BEFORE the Apple Watch came out. The Danger of Constant Stress and Interruptions Hit ME over the head Early.

In Fact, You could even say I Was Tortured By My Cell Phone.

I Used to have a Job where I carried 2 pagers and a Cell Phone. Got Emergency calls 24/7. And Managed 800 people for a University.

AND because the guys responsible for the MAIN CAMPUS…

Dear Friend,

We met a husband and wife Interior Designer team who charge 10X more than the competition. Yet have a waiting list.


They change things in each room to make the lady of the House LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL. And have a Proven CHECKLIST of items.

Started Adapting their Added Value idea for a Car Detailer. (Basically a 300.00 car and engine wash.)

We wrote up an Added Value CAR BLING CHECKLIST.

Queen Of Car Compliments CheckList: (VERSION 1)

Please Check off Your Favorite VIP Thank You Rewards BEFORE YOU CHOOSE A Car Detailer.

Your Favorite Color Baseball…

Dear Friend,

First Billionaire, Andrew Carnegie, Discovered an Invisible Psychological Method to get all of his Steel Empire Employees to work TWICE as Hard. Without Paying them 2X as much.

And our Billionaire Watching Club has Found every single self made Billionaire mentor -we find- Using this Idea to sell All of Us More Stuff.

I know.

I know.

YOU ARE SO EXCITED You are sitting on the Edge of Your Chair.

Me Too.

So we had to Find a Way to TEST this “Psycho Competition” Idea Out!

You ask, “How Can YOU Apply This Idea Yourself?”



Glenn Osborn

Hobby:Test Ideas from Billionaire Writers. Free “Greased Pig Speed Writing-HowTo Write w/Your Unconscious Mind.” book.

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