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Thanks For Looking At The PHOTO of These Face-mask Wearing Waitresses,

A Question:

How do you Have An ENJOYABLE MEAL — when your waiters and Waitresses are Doing the MASK and SOCIAL DISTANCE Thing?

2 Ideas From Billionaires/Disneyland Might Help.


Each Headline Describes a Report About…

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The “McDonalds Effect” is The Reason Why People Buy The More Expensive “HAPPY MEAL”. It’s All about the Toy. The Movie Action Figure.



The “McDonalds Effect” is used all thru Disneyland.

Why Did My Client Mona-The-Chiropractor Spend 15 Grand of the Extra Dinero We Made Together in…

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Dear Friend,

My Friend Randy-The-Retired-CIA Agent and Computer Genius hunted Down Steve Job’s College Girl Friend.

And We Interviewed Her by phone.

Later, when We Read The Walter Isaacson Book About Steve, a Few Things Became Much Clearer.

What I want to Focus on here, though, is Salesmanship.

Based on…

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My Nuclear Physicist Friend, Melvin, Seduces Hot (Mask-Wearing Women Drivers) from His Car, At Red Lights, On The Way to Work.

Forget About Pandemic Fears. Masks and Social Distancing. Melvin Gets Beautiful Women to Pull over. Give him their Phone Numbers and Email Address.

He Calls This his FLIRT…

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Thanks for Wanting to Help Reduce Pollution,

You Can Think whatever you like But MY OPINION is that we are the Cause of the truly Horrible Weather around the World.

And — if you do not agree.

Then Think of Your Pocket-book!

Reducing Your Electric Bill by 100 bucks a…

Dear Friend,

My Money Making “Results” (This Past Week) Have Not Been “Sexy.”

The “Results” I am Referring To Are from My FORMER “Most Profitable & Lowest Cost MOOLAH MAKING Strategy” we Found — After Interviewing Self Made Millionaires for 21 years.

NOT “SEXY” Results —

I — YES, We…

How To Communicate In The White Spaces Between Words (Adapting Quentin Tarenino’s Script Method)

Dear Friend,

While Swapping ideas with Lester He told us How He Gets 100% of His Prospects to CALL Him by Fed-Xing Them a Cell Phone.

Lester Uses Fed X so He Knows Exactly when Each…

Dear Jasper,

Thanks for Sending Me a Link to Your Website. It’s Very Beautiful. But All Your Words and Color Photos are about FEATURES. And People BUY Benefits.

Genius Copywriter Gary Halbert Said, “The Difference Between a Feature and a Benefit is This. A Feature is the Pretty Curtains You…

POSTCARD DIRECTIONS Got 3 Millionaires on The Phone in 24 Hours. (Insurance Co Owner, Website Builder, Chiropractor)

Dear Friend,

426 Million Mentor, Walter Hailey, Personally sold over 500 MILLION Bucks worth of Insurance. Walter Used to Talk about how He PRE-HEATED Insurance Prospects BEFORE He Called or Visited Them.


Dear Friend,

This will Seem Stupid and Simple.

But 99% of the Umph is Hidden Psychology.

So bear with me as We Outline the Process.

WHAT IS The Billion Dollar Aussie Candy Jar System?

You Fill a Candy Jar full of M&M’s. Put Your Biz Card at the bottom. On…

Glenn Osborn

Hobby:Test Ideas from Billionaire Writers. Free “Greased Pig Speed Writing-HowTo Write w/Your Unconscious Mind.” book.

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