Greased Pig Speed Writing (Level 2) —

How To Communicate In The White Spaces Between Words (Adapting Quentin Tarenino’s Script Method)

Dear Friend,

While Swapping ideas with Lester He told us How He Gets 100% of His Prospects to CALL Him by Fed-Xing Them a Cell Phone.

Lester Uses Fed X so He Knows Exactly when Each Phone Arrives.

Lester Programs His Own Phone #

Lester Does Not Send The PLUG and Recharge Cable. Because He Discovered this Forces 100% of those who get the Free Phone To Call him.

Genius, right?

What We Do that Gets Me on The Phone with The BOSS That Gives Me Control of the First Appointment is Different. Although we get the same Nearly 100% Success Rate at Getting The OWNER on The Phone.

We UPS a Thank You REWARD (Billion dollar Aussie M&M Candy Jar) to a Biz Owner Prospect.

Call to Double Check it arrived OK. (BEFORE it gets there.)

Get the Receptionists Email address.

Send Her SAFETY DIRECTIONS for Handling the JAR of Candy.

And a Page of Million Dollar Ideas — SIMILAR to what the BOSS is Already doing.


JUST SUPPOSE We Combine These 2 Successful Ideas?

Step I — You Fed X the Cell Phone

Step II — You Put Your Phone # and how to Text You.

Step III — You Include 8 by 10 sheet of papge.. One Page of 7 Figure Ideas from Business owners around the World who are Making Money.

Extra Cash Ideas SIMILAR to what THE BOSS is Already doing. So He or She Does Not have to CHANGE a Thing.

STEP IV — The Headline on the page?

“Please Text Which Free Reports You Want…”

A — Aussie Restaurant Becomes #1 Most Profitable in Chain of Stores with A Sign That says, “Have a Candy On Us…While You Wait.”

B — Deli Owner Doubled Steak and Turkey Sub Sales — Sells Store For GIANT Inflated Moolah. (Flyer Says, Free __OZ of Potato Chips of Pretzels w/A Steak Sub.”

C — Part Time Cook GOOFS UP. 10 Cheese Cakes Sell Out in 90 Minutes. Waiter says, “Do You Want to Try A piece of No Fat Cheese Cake?

Chef Has no Eggs so Uses Banana Instead of Eggs in CheeseCake Recipe. Waiter told to “Get Rid of These.”

D — McDonalds Window Sign Boosts Sales 50% at 3 Restaurants. “Top 3 Best Selling Desserts Are:

E — Billionaire Restaurant Owner — Puts 2 Bites of Four Best Selling Entre’s on the menu as a Meal. New Sample System Catapults food Sales.

F — BBQ Restaurant — Grand Opening Empty. Emergency Advice Fills The Seats. “Platter of Sausage Rolls (#1 Best Seller) Given Away to Golfers Next Door. (Face to Face. White Chef Hat, Apron, Tray, Tongues, Napkins, Sausage Rolls.

G — UGLY TONGUE Contest Saves Food Court at Roller Rink. (Hourly Contest of “Kids Panel Voting” — Which Soda, Ketchup, Mustard Covered Tongue Pic Is UGLIEST. (UGLY Tongue Pics Flipped onto the Wall 20 Feet High)

H — Disneyland Restaurant #1 — Use Drone to Bring People in Waiting Room To Table.

I — Disneyland Restaurant #2 — Use Talking/Rolling NewsStand Fetch people from outside to Reserved Table.

J — Disneyland Hires my Client to Imbed NEON Inside Concrete Sidewalk. “Happy Birthday, Glenn.”

K — Disneyland CHEF Hat Strategy. We Adapted So Waitress Get Bigger Tips and Hands out One White Paper Chef Hat Per Table. (Hats Behind Cash Register. More than 1 Kids — Dad Has to Buy More!)

L — Car Salesman Becomes #1 w/Balloon/Candy Box Referral System. (Quits. Makes Millions Selling his Guaranteed Referrals/Leads System to USA Car Dealerships.)

We Adapt Idea to Gift Selfie Pics with The Chef & Your Meal.

M — Vegas Restaurant sells 631,000.00 of DrugLike Mixed Drink. (We Adapt Idea for Client. Bring New Box of LED IceCubes To Table. (Gift 1 Cube to Dad or Mom. Kids Want more.)

N — Disneyland Created MONSTER Chocolate Dessert. Kids who walk by THAT Table WANT that Too.

O — South Carolina Restaurant Opens IceCream Parlor. (Clips “Free IceCream Cone Coupon) to Your Bill. First Year Becomes Million Dollar Side Business.(Kids Riot until they get one too.)

P — Aussie Pizza Store Owner Uses FREE ROSE in Bud Vase Offer to Open Store After Store And Pay CASH for Construction.

Q — Brazil Clients POCKET MEAL Restaurant Failing. (Adapt Idea from Letter R Below) Put up Door Sign and Test Cerveza, Wine and Cola Offers.) SUCCESS and a Quick Sale.

R — Restaurant/Grocery Store Grows Beer, Wine, Soda Sales by 4X without Spending a Time. Location, Location, Location. (We Adapt Idea for a New Mexican Food Restaurant Client.)

S — Bankrupts Grocery Store Bought For Peanuts. Post Card And Door Sign Create Million Dollar Profit in 8 Months. And Bob Sells it. Done 9 times.

T — Vegas Store Sales Explode by 22%, 41% — with PlaceMat Offer. And Freezer by Cash Register.

U — AT Cost Beauty Parlor Doubles D.C Restaurant Sales. Weird Side Effect Makes Cabbies Richer. When 100’s of Women spend time There.

V — Restaurant owner Hires a Baker. Cash Register IN Bakery So Successful The Owner CLOSES UP and Vacations All Winter.

W — Small Aussie Restaurant Owner Buys Lamborgini with Moolah he Makes Painting GIANT Arrow From Road Into Lot — Then From Front Door to Back of Restaurant — Then Up Wall Behind Cash Register.

X —Aussie Licorice Whip PIRATE Strategy Turns Tiny Mall Restaurant into Biggest Restaurant on The Barbary Coast.



FIRST DRAFT — In Progress…

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