How 61 People Made Extra Money After Reading A Book -

Dear Friend,

Testimonials — Which Will Tell You HOW MUCH MONEY You Can Expect to Make using the 2 Ideas in a Tiny Book.

#1 — I Won 595.00 -

While on vacation and immediately followed the steps. The very next day I won $595 from a random contest. We were given a credit on our vacation. I received an unexpected gift as a belated birthday present.

— -

#2 — I Got Free Products…

This book is incredible. Thank you for your amazing little book! I have started applying your advice and in 14 days, miraculous things started to happen!

1. The payment from a client living on the other side of the world arrived.

2. I wrote my first ebook and sold 7 copies in less than two days with basically no marketing at all

3. A new client called me out of nowhere and requested consulting services. In the end, she was so satisfied that she payed me 30% more on top of my price!

4. A court decision regarding a business deal that I wasn’t payed for ruled in my favor and money stemming from it is on its way.

5. I got free products from a businesswoman whose services I recommended to a friend of mine.

8. A got an amazing new business proposal in a niche which is one of my strengths.

9. I got refunds from the utility companies because they made wrong calculations and I overpaid the bills.

— -

#3–250.00 in cash & Gift Cards -

The first two months that I followed the book’s instructions, I miraculously found $20 on three separate occasions as well as instantly won ~$15 in gift cards. And within one week had received over $250 in cash and giftcards completely unexpectedly that helped me cover our tight budget

— -

#4 — Got 1000’s From a Car Dealership -

I stumbled across this ebook by accident (though many would say there are no accidents with these sorts of things). I got so excited reading it that I bought copies for 2 friends.

I went to the car dealership and ended up with an interest rate that was 3% less than I was even told. Even the finance guy doesn’t know why it ended up less, but he didn’t try to fool with it. That equates to THOUSANDS of dollars in savings over the life of the loan.

I’ve also gotten a good raise.

— -

#5–7.5K a Year Raise -

Read the book in one sitting, the material is very interesting. I know folks like to know “did it work for you?” so I will relate my adventures with the book. Did as instructed in two places, my college library and neighborhood drug mart. In the next week I got multiple offers to do paid surveys (never signed up for them so don,t know how they got my details), and made $175 from that. Also got a 75% off from major purchase at Kohls in a scratch and win (saving of $300ish), when i have never scored over 15% before. Completing my hat trick was a trip to downtown, for a paid conference (expenses paid by employer) for recognition of work well done (value of $250). At this conference I will complete another level of certification, after which i am entitled to a 15% salary increase. This had been held up by my moody boss for the last 6–7 months. A 15% increase translates to another 7.5K per year. So yes, it did work for me.

— -

#6 — Unexpected Check in Mail -

I enjoyed this book very much. The first time my money came back to me, yes five one dollar bills handed to me unexpectedly. Was it working or was it coincident? I don’t know, but I tried it again and the next week I got a check in the mail that I was not expecting, it was not a big check but it was a check. Again, was the happy money working or was it a coincident?, I still don’t know.

— -

#7 — Had a small lottery win -

I did as suggested and the next day had a small lottery win which was good.I’m curious to find out what happens next.

— -

#8 — Best Month Ever w/Commissions -

This book is a really good read, it gave me a new perspective and outlook on money and how to create a flow of it. I’ve only tried it for the month of March so far, but I look forward to doing this each and every month. After trying it out for March, I am having the best month ever at work with commissions. This really works! Try it out, you will enjoy it!

— -

#9 — Totally Unexpected Check in The Mail -

I came across this book while looking for something else.

I started doing the simple process immediately. A couple days later, my husband and I received a totally unexpected check in the mail. I’ve been doing it once a week ever since, and I continue to receive stuff I never did in the past.

I want to reiterate something the author mentions in the book. When you start doing this, money will come in many different forms. It will be everything from cash, checks in the mail, unexpected credits on purchases, coupons for things you actually buy, a lower bill than you were expecting and even out of the blue gifts or raises at work. So don’t lock yourself into thinking it has to only come in the form of cash or it’s not working.

— -

#10 — Got a New Tenant —

Bought this a little over a month ago (the ebook) — Had a VERY unexpected thing happen almost immediately — got a tenant in a very hard-to-rent place that I own, but cannot sell because the market is too low. Last year it took almost 5 months to find someone. That tenant was moving out after a year and she found new tenants for the place without me having to advertise & no vacant time. So relieved.

— -

#11 — Well, I played the lottery last week but hadn’t had time to check on it until today — I won $12!

— -

#12 — I’ve Received over $50,000 -

I Bought the book, read it and began immediately to apply the happy money method. I bought the book at a time of “comeback” after a major financial clearing. I was looking to FEEL wealthy so that I could attract wealth. I got the book at the end of May and saw my first financial windfall on July 7.

Anyway, since I began that practice I’ve received over $50,000.00 of unexpected income! I now have significant savings, an abundant trading account and My credit has even greatly improved. I have upgraded my lifestyle by buying a (luxury) car and moving to a better neighborhood. Those are just the financial rewards. I believe that wealth comes in many forms and money is only one of them. I could list more things but I think the above is enough that you get the point.

— -

#13 — I Found a Wad of Bills Totalling $45.00 -

Proof in the pudding:

-Within a few hours of hiding, I found two dollars in a secret zippered pouch of my purse.

-My boss added about $20 more on to my paycheck for no reason.

-My dad gave me $500, paid for a new tire ($100), bought me and my kids dinner, and filled up my gas tank…and I didn’t ask him for any of it. Is this uncommon? No, I mean, my dad makes good money and helps us out when he can but he rarely, if ever, is that generous in such a short period of time.

-My friend bought me a drink when we went out to lunch.

-(drum roll) I found a wad of bills totaling $45 in a random pocket (which I didn’t even know was a real pocket) of a coat I haven’t worn in two years. I have no idea how it got there. I certainly do not wad and stash money, so it’s anyone’s guess.

-My mom gave me a huge bag of coffee and two gigantic coffee mugs from Starbucks.

-Even though I missed two days of work because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we (my husband and I) will put about $100 into our savings account tomorrow. That is really tough for us usually because we have three elementary age kids and life is just freaking expensive. But we are actually putting money into savings! I love it, it feels so good!

— -

#14 — I Have Acquired Money from Various Sources -

I purchased the book over a year ago. I absolutely love it! I admit, I was a bit skeptical when I purchased it. But I have acquired more money from various sources; some expected, some unexpected. I appreciate that this book is an easy read. The instructions the author provides on how to attract more money are short, simple and easy to follow.

— -

#15 — My Daughter Was jumping up and down in excitement.

I purchased this book on a whim today. I figured it would be a good way to pass the time while waiting to pick my daughter up from the library. I followed the instructions on my walk to retrieve my daughter. When I arrived at the library, Daughter was jumping up and down in excitement. Of the five prizes offered that afternoon, she won two — and one of them was the main prize of the evening — two opening night tickets for the latest ‘Hunger Games’ movie. Fascinating!

— -

#16 — Flight vouchers for travel in the upcoming year, each valued at $400 a piece.

I bought this book less than a month ago, and I completely fell in love with the idea of doing what the author instructs to bring joy regarding money. My teenage daughter and I have put the advice into practice, and we have had great fun doing this. And, do you want a testimony that it works? Well..I got one for you! I was coming home from a recent trip to California. After I checked my bags and made it through security (alive and well), the thought went through my head to go ahead.

I Got Sneaky. On my way to the gate, I was feeling SO SO good about beginning this practice. Then, as suddenly as I felt that joy, I thought, “I really don’t want to go back home.” Just a fleeting thought. I got to my gate, and a few minutes before we were to board, an announcement was made that they needed people to step down as the flight was overbooked.

They were offering flight vouchers to be used in the next year for travel to any destination. I jumped out of my seat! We were put on standby and told that if they needed us to stand down, we would be asked to. About ten minutes later, an Asian flight attendant came aboard and began yelling out our name and that we HAD to get off the plane!! People stared at us as if we were criminals while we scrambled to pick up our belongings and get off the plane. And, what did we get? Flight vouchers for travel in the upcoming year, each valued at $400 a piece AND they paid for our lunch while we only waited about an hour for another flight!

— -

#17 — Free Thanksgiving Dinner

I LOVE this book. I have only started applying this method yesterday, and on the very first day, I received a Thanksgiving dinner from one of my friend who caters…and its 11 days before Thanksgiving!

I also received a bonus on one of my recent promotions that was unexpected.

— -

#18 — Free Electric Bill

Shortly after I received this book, I decided to put it into practice. A day or so later I received my electric bill of over $100.00 saying “don’t pay you have a credit for this month. I was pleasantly surprised! I also had some other financial dealings that went in my favor.

— -

#19 —Drugstore Episode —

I don’t know what to say. I was curious about this idea, so I tried it last week. Drugstore -

“It will be 17$”

“Ou, I have only 5$ with me, I will return tomorrow.”

“Give me that 5$”

I passed him the bill. He passed me my medication.

“What about the rest?”

And with smile he say “It’s okay. Happy Hollidays.”

— -

#20 — I Received a $520 Unexpected Check -

I started this Tuesday 10–16, today, Friday,10–20 I received a $520 COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED check. This is not a coincidence, this is amazing! This check was from a company that I’m a month behind on payments, they have only taken my money over the past 9 years, this is the first time they’ve ever issued me a check, and for a surplus? I’m grateful. And I will certainly continue the process!

— -

#21 — I love this book, and have noticed that when I practice the two steps that I feel happy, happily sneaky, and somehow… good things, with usually a monetary benefit, happen not long thereafter.

— -

#22 — Amazon Sent me a $31.87 Credit

What a great little book! This formula works! Last week I got an email from Amazon telling me I received a $31.87 credit on my account, the result of a settlement with Apple, Inc., over pricing of ebooks! I just laughed out loud, I thought IT’S WORKING!!

— -

#23 — Saved 1000.00 off Car Insurance —

FANTASTIC little book! My husband and I both saw immediate results using the technique. It’s fun and fills us with a sense of thankfulness. Right after doing the technique, we were shopping for some clothes and stumbled upon an Express long winter coat for $12.99. Original price on the sticker was $299.98!

Other increases in abundance include additional sale purchases that saved us a lot of money, finding out about some stocks whose value had dramatically increased (and could be withdrawn), as well as our insurance company calling to say they’d run our info through a different software that will save us $90/month on our auto insurance!

— -

#24 — My “return on investment”, if you want to call it that, has been at least fifty-fold.

I’ve used it a total of three times now, and that I’ve received compensation in return, EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL.

For example, I used the “Formula” the first time, and the next day I found two unused store gift cards: one for Target, the other for Old Navy.

After the second time I used the formula, I was contacted by two business clients unexpectedly, one of which I hadn’t heard from in months, and the other out of the blue, which is uncommon in my line of work. They both had writing projects for me to fulfill on topics that I happen to love writing about.

Finally, after the third time I used the Formula, one of those two clients gave me a payment bonus out of nowhere! I’d only done a third of the project and they said they loved it so much that they raised my pay by 25%. Not only that, but after I delivered the last of the project, they gave me a payment bonus of 30% the overall project cost!

I know this all sounds outrageous and silly, but even writing it out I’m getting excited. I’ve actually documented all the dates these events have happened in a “Proof of Creation” journal, so I can refer to it at any time.

It works.

One last thing. You have to actually USE the method outlined here. I’ll say it requires at least $1, and a small amount of legwork. I highly recommend sticking to it, though. My “return on investment”, if you want to call it that, has been at least fifty-fold. That’s just from using this formula three times.

— -

#25— She will buy her a phone…

I bought the book last night. …The next day — out of the blue the friend told her that she will buy her a phone. She was surprised at the offer for the phone because she felt her friend did not have funds like that. She said no to the phone. I scolded her and said, “ take the phone. when you refuse people you are denying them the pleasure and joy of giving”.

— -

#26 — The first time I did The Formula I was in a drive-through line getting tea, and when I got to the window the worker told me the car in line ahead of me had paid for my tea.

— -

#27 — I Won 500.00 -

Purchased this book back in November. This book I think I have had the most fun with and it blew my mind when I had results. We were in a restaurant eating breakfast.There was 4 of us and suddenly the waitress comes up to us and says `Your breakfasts will be half price this morning because I dropped them coming out of the kitchen so everything had to be recooked.` So normaly a breakfast for all of us would cost around 50 dollars so we got the meal for 25. Got home from that trip and there was a message on our answering machine.I had won the Christmas lottery on ticket that I had bought to support the spca.I had won 500 dollars.I was stunned. Will keep doing it just to see what else happens.

— -

#28 — it really did work! now I plan to do it once a week, it makes me happier and brings me more money. What more could you want?

— -

#29 — I Got a Salary Increase -

It really works.. I followed the instructions and it did work.. I just got the book last week and followed the instructions the next day..and today i was told by our HR that i got a salary increase.

— -

#30 — I Won 60 Dollars -

Wow what a fun book… I liked the idea so much that I tried it immediately! Later that day I won 60 dollars on a scratch ticket!

— -

#31 — I like the book and have been doing what the author said to do. A little improvement with my finances.

— -

#32 — Big Bill Paid Anonymously -

I picked this book up on a whim — and it was quite a delight to read! And a very large bill that I received a couple of weeks back has been paid in full by an anonymous donor. Again, such a thing has never happened to me before.

— -

#33 — I did what the author suggested for over a month. I noticed small orders of my home micro business come in a bit more frequently, got money returned where I didn’t expect, and even found some cash tucked away, forgotten.

— -

#32 — I was in shock when two days later of doing my money work I got a increase in my salary!!!!!

— -

#34 — he payed my rent -

after practicing the idea in the book regarding money, a money miracle hapenned to me. my father called saying he has money for me + he payed my rent. that never happened.

— -

#35 — over $1500 -

…have been doing the happy money technique for a few weeks and have gotten over $1500 that I was not expecting and did nothing to get.

— -

#36 — $60 in new clothes all gifted to me

It worked! In the first four days my first dollar turned into $100 and about $60 in new clothes all gifted to me. Didn’t think it would work that fast good job with this system.

— -

#37 — I got 20 x my money back

This book is an easy read and It is changing my life. I love the Money Techniques…only 2 , and so easy to do. After doing the 1 st one the next day I got 20 x my money back.

— -

#38 — found a Fitbit -

I started one week ago, immediately found a Fitbit that some one lost in the bushes. Brand new and worth $100. Then I did the same thing the next day, 5 days later received a commission check for $97 completely out of the blue. I just did another bill donation, and am waiting to see what happens.

— -

#39 — I Won 3 Raffle Items -

I read and enacted rhe Money method yesterday. Within 6 hours I won 3 raffle items!!! First, a $200 item (a tattoo ;), second a stay at a B&B and third was an hour massage. I entered the raffle just a few hours before the drawing, and I won these THREE items.

— -

#40 — I did the blessing exercise and I gained money in 24 hours. i will recommend this to everyone I know

— -

#41 — This book included a technique which really does seem to draw more money to you. My wife and I are both practicing it with good results.

— -

#42 — Tried one of the exercises got a hundred dollars I wasn’t expecting to get within the first two days of reading this.

— -

#43 — Such a simple, short book but very to the point. The first week I had extra money! The second week, extra money!! Third week, yes more money.

— -

#44 — won $100 on the spot

Put it to the test on Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the store and bought a scratch off and won $100 on the spot. All I could say was thank you Lord

— -

#45 — I’ve been doing it for just a month or so and can’t put into words the impact it has on my life. It should be called Magic Money!

— -

#46 — $1500 totally unexpected money came to me. Almost instantly I won a $250 gift card for Target at my job.

— -

#47 — The morning after finishing the book, an hour later I received a PayPal of $40 that I wasn’t expecting. at the library less than a hour later I received ten dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket that had been sitting in my wallet for over a week and a half!

— -

#48 — a person gave me $2,000

This book does work! For four weeks in a row I skeptically did the work and I then met a person who gave me $2,000 out of the kindness of his heart.

— -

#49 — …half of my month’s pay.

So, what happened? I got these 2 big surprises in just a week: One, I just checked my ATM and found an amount there that equals to half of my month’s pay. I never received any notification from anybody about this miraculous, accidental deposit. Where could this money come from?

Then, the other one came the day after this first incident. It was a salary raise. Currently, it’s been a blessing to get a manager’s pay rate already. But given this sudden raise of 7% is quite big already for me. A big blessing indeed! And the surprise of it all is that I didn’t ask for it in the first place.

— -

#50 — I saved over $400.00

I purchased this little gem last weekend and enjoyed the read from beginning to end. Well, this morning as I was driving to work, I saw a “Estate Sale sign” and decided to turn around and stop. The sale was supposed to open at 9am but they let me go in and I got first choice of everything. Was it luck that they had 2 girls the same age as my granddaughters who will be visiting me this summer? I was able to buy awsome art supplies, dolls, books, along with shoes that were my exact size, great cookware, a camera…well the list goes on. I spent $45.00 but know I saved over $400.00 when all was said and done.

— -

#51 — I won the lottery after reading and followed the steps from this book

— -

#52 — Iv’e been doing this for 2 days and I have an influx of orders in my business.

— -

#53 — Abundance coming into my life

Within days of taking action on the instructions in this book, I saw more abundance coming into my life. Loved it, short book, easy to read, big impact!

— -

$54 — This book is amazing, I followed the principles and I recieved results immediately. Thank you.

— -

#55 — I don’t know how but somehow Your Money technique seems to work!!! Getting money between books, old clothes, relatives and many other ways. Many thanks to the author for sharing this simple technique! I think this should be named as ‘Surprise Money’ THANK YOU

— -

#56 — This book was such a quick and easy read, the experiments were easy to follow,and the first one worked within 24 hours.

— -

#57 — I Won 235.00 -

The first week, I won a total of $35. in loto scratch tickets..I bought a $5. raffle tickets and won $200 worth of products. An all expenses paid vacation to Cuba.

— -

#58–10 Fold Return -

I used the process last week for the first time and within 24 hours I had a tenfold return.

— -

#59 — I got a payment from someone who owes me money

Easy to understand little book.

I did the steps using a £1 coin in an envelope. Next day, I got a payment from someone who owes me money and has been dragging their feet for months about paying me back, and after 3 days, Lovefilm awarded me with a FREE blu-ray player because of upgrades to their service.

— -

#60 — In unexpected ways money comes into my live.

I read this book and started immediately to use the method. Its so much fun and what can i say…it works. In unexpected ways money comes into my live. I still cant believe its actually that easy.

#61 — After doing the Exercise once a Total Stranger Bought 722.00 of my Books and Tapes. Then Introduced me to his Mother.



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