How a Waiter Grew His Tips 800%, Got Fired & Re-hired.

  • **What Rats, Pigeons & People Have In Common***

Dear Friend,

You might remember the Scientist, B. F. Skinner. He ran out of food pellets one day. Started Rewarding his rats and pigeons in a haphazard way.

Buzzer and the pigeon spins — No Reward.

Buzzer and the pigeon Spins — no Food Pellet Reward.

Buzzer and The Pigeon Spins — Food Pellet Reward.

Unexpected, Random, Unpredictable Food Rewards AND the Pigeon Becomes an INSTANT ADDICT.

Pecks the Red Food Pellet Reward Button 6 Times a Second for 12 Hours Straight, until falling over UNconscious From Exhaustion.

WEIRD But People And Pigeons Are Much Alike.

Entire Industries have adapted this ADDICTION CONCEPT Into their Business.

Casino owners Now Use This RAT REWARD Concept to Create Gambling Addicts.

Fortnite — The “Free” Game, Earned 9 Billion Dollars in two years. 2018 and 2019.

Phone Apps Now Use This Addiction Principle to Get You to Check Your Phone More often. (The Average American Checks their Phone 800 Times a day.)



Found Out

My Waiters and Waitresses Were GAMBLING all my Tips away. And Were ALREADY Addicted to Casino Gambling and Phone Apps…


AFTER We Discovered that all 27 of our Self Made Billionaire Mentors — were Using The Concept to Sell the Rest of us Stuff — We Got BUSY. Chunking the idea down so the REST of us Can Profit too.

HAD to Have Quick Test PROOF we Were not Wasting Our Time.

SO We Started Flirt Tip Testing The “Addict Concept” in Restaurants and Drive Thru Fast Food places. Quickly Got lots more food. Better Service. And WEIRD Reactions.

You ask, “How Do You Adapt This “INVISIBLE ADDICTION” Concept to make Clients More Money?

Brad the International House of Pancakes Waiter -

Brad got Fired From his 150K a year Job.

Took a waiter Job at IHOP.

Brad Gets Referred to me. Says, “I want to Grow My Income Way Above Minimum Wage.”

Brad & I created Multiple THANK YOU SYSTEMS -

SYSTEM #1 — “3 by 5 Card — “Thank You For Choosing IHOP — My Name is Brad.”

SYSTEM #2 — Brad handed out Pens and Sticky name tags. Stuck First Names on his Customers shirts.

SYSTEM #3 — Brad Gave a Poem to the Parents.

“Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

You Are Hungry,

What Can I Recommend for You?

SYSTEM #4 — The book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini has a Great FRESHEST IDEA in it. Even tho all food at IHOP is Frozen. Brad was STILL able to use the “Freshest” Idea. If the Chef Tells Brad “This item is just Thawed out. But this one is Reheated.”

Then the 1st item is “Freshest.”

SYSTEM #5 — Peanut Butter. Brad drew the 1st letter of each patrons name on their plate in Peanut butter. (An idea we got From Disneyland.)

SYSTEM #6 — A Thank You Card with a Instant Scratch off Lotto Ticket Stapled on.

SYSTEM #7 — Brad walked up and down the street. Found a Bakery with a “Free Chocolate Cookie Promotion.” Made up COUPONS. (Slips of paper Brad Typed up to say….)

“Thank You Reward #2 — Go to ________ Next door to Get a Free Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie.”

Soon when we got all 7 SYSTEMS Going — Brad was Rocking and Rolling. Making 800% more tips that other IHOP waiters.

But In 45 Days Brad Got FIRED!

A — Turns out lots of Brads Customers INSISTED on sitting in Brad’s Section.

B — The Other Servers Got SCARED. And JEALOUS when they saw all the moolah he was making.

C — The Other Servers Banded together. Went to the manager. Said, “Fire Brad or we all leave.”

The Manager called Brad in and said, “Sorry. But I can’t run the entire Restaurant with just You. So You are Fired.”

Brad Called me for help.

We said, “Remember we asked you to keep a Record of how much food you sell?

Brad — “Yes, so what?

ME — “Well, Put all the sheets in a folder. Send me the Summary. I’ll Type it up on One Page. Then You Show that Page to the Manager of ANY Restaurant you wanna Work for.”

Brad called us back to say, “IT WORKED. The Manager of a 4 Star Restaurant was Gobsmacked by my food total. Hired me. When I showed her a few of my “Thank You Systems” — She handed me the sheet to sign up for “Management Training.”


Glenn Osborn

Billionaire Watching Club New Idea Testing Ezine

P.S. — Stay Tuned. Successful Tests of This INVISIBLE ADDICTION STRATEGY Coming up in Several Niche Industries.

Insurance Sales,

Real Estate,

Car Detailing,



Dating Websites and more.

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