How to Create a Mastermind Group That Makes Money

How To Profit From The Mastermind Concept Napoleon Hill Writes About In “Think & Grow Rich” — Starting with Celebrities & Self Made Billionaires.

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Before We Get to The 12 Chapters With Specific Step By Step DIRECTIONS on how to Make Extra Moolah with Mastermind LEVERAGE.

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And Prove that A MASTERMIND of 1 or 20 People Almost Guarantees Your Success. It Certainly Cuts down on mistakes. And Gives You Access To Incredible Brain Power.

CHAPTER #1 — Mae West PORN Mastermind —

A — Mae West Was The Most Successful Female Movie Star in her Day. She Bought The Rights to Plays and Books.

B — She Masterminded with W. C. Fields and others to Write her own Movie Scripts.

C — How Did She Make The Money to Buy Book Rights? Hire Movie Directors And Producers? And Pay Actors?

D — She Went From City to City in Stage Plays. Her MASTERMIND METHOD with The CENSOR for Each City is a Hoot. But it Kept the Cops from Closing her down.

CHAPTER #2 — Steven King Mastermind Book Inspiration is usually a Person. Only Takes ONE Mastermind Person to Create that SPARK.

A — “The Shining” — Grady the Bartender — In a Totally Empty Colorado Hotel. Sent Steven Out to Look at the “Pet Cemetery.”

B — King Dreamed his son was being chased thru the Hotel Halls by a Fire Hose.

C — Grady told Steven His Room, 217, was Haunted.

D — Cujo — Idea Was triggered by His Motorcycle Mechanics Dog.

CHAPTER #3 — Rodney Dangerfield Hired Canadian Comic Jim Carrey to Open His Act.

A — Jim Bombed Every Night.

B — Instead of Firing him. Rodney Stuck with Jim.

C — Brought him back to his “Dangerfields” NightClub — Where He FAILED some More.

D — I Just Looked it up. Jim Carrey is worth 180 Million Bucks.

CHAPTER #4 — Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff have co-written 10 Songs.

A — Jack has produced 24 of Taylors Songs.

B — Taylor DREAMS part of a song. Wakes up. Records Part of a Tune and part of the Words. Writes one lyric. Then Calls Up Jack.

C — Masterminding with Jack in Studio. Taylor says Jack was Playing Something She Hated. But sudddenly The Chorus to “Shake it Off” Popped into her head.

D — Jacks net worth is 25 Million. Taylor — 400 Million.

CHAPTER #5 — Richard Branson Finds a MASTERMIND Partner to Run Each business.

A — His Book, “Screw it Let’s Do It” — Tells how he pairs with people to TRY New IDeas.

B — If Branson finds a Partner to Manage the Business — They Start. If not — He Stops.

C — Branson is Dislexic. Can’t read well. So He Finds a MASTERMIND Partner in Each Ad Agency he works with.

CHAPTER #6 — Elon Musk Has a Totally DIFFERENT Mastermind Approach.

A — Elon says, “I decided that Gasoline cars Could Not Succeed.”

B — So He Gathered a Team together.

C — Elon Concluded Earth Needed a Safety Valve. Because The History of War Shows There WILL be a WWIII.

D — Elon Gathered the Smartest Rocket Scientists together and asked, “Is it possible to go to Mars?”

CHAPTER #7 — Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Joe Alwyn has co-Written 5 Songs on her last two Albums.

A — 2 on Evermore

B — 3 on Folklore

C — They have The WIERDEST Mastermind Song Writing Method I have EVER Heard of.

CHAPTER #8 — James Patterson is worth 800 Million. Has More #1 NYTimes Best Sellers than Any other author. Creates a Mastermind for Most of his books.

A — Patterson has worked with 20 Co-Authors.

B — Patterson Writes a 80 Page “Treatment” — And Coaches a writer thru the book.

C — Steven King HATES The Way Patterson Churns out books.

D — But James Patterson Says he likes to Say Nice Things about King. “Just to Annoy him.”

CHAPTER #9 — Oprah Winfrey Had a Mastermind with her Show-Runner.

A — Sheri Salata — Co-President, Writer, Producer for 2 Decades of The Oprah TV Show.

B — Sheri Put the show together.

C — Oprah showed up And did the Interviews.

D — Oprah Mastermind with Tyler Perry — Has Boosted the Value of Her “Oprah OWN Network.

CHAPTER #10 — Andrew Carnegie Masterminded with Charles Schwab. Schwab managed all of Carnegie’s Steel Mills.

A — Schwab was a Genius who rose from floor Sweeper to CEO.

B — Schwab set up Mastermind Systems all thru The Company.

C — Mastermind Competition btwn the 10 Carnegie Partners

D — Down to Masterminding with Hourly Steel Mill Workers.

CHAPTER #11 — President Donald Trump — Morning Mastermind Habit.

A — Trump has a Staffer Who ONLY Sets Up Phone Calls.

B — Trump phones all his managers

C — Trump calls 50 to 100 VIP’s on His List — every Morning

D — Until Trump Became President He Signed all The Checks for all his Companies.

CHAPTER #12 — Jerry Seinfeld Masterminded with Co-Writer/Producer — Larry David.

A — Every Episode was Written By a Mastermind Partner

B — Step #1 — Carol Leifer says Short Pitches Got The Green Light.

C — Her Winning “Pitch” “George Brings a Deaf woman to a Party to Read His Girlfriends lips because he is Jealous.”

D — Then Jerry and Larry David Create a StoryBoard for Each Plot.

E — Last Step Combine Each Character Plot. Write the Script.

F — No Other TV show in the History of TV was Written with So Many Mastermind Writer Partners.

CHAPTER #13 — How 426 Million Mentor, Walter Hailey, Built a Mastermind Group That Turned all 10 Members into Millionaires.

A — (EDITORS NOTE — Most Successful People I’ve met Have a Napoleon Hill Style — Mastermind Group or 2 or 3 Which Helps Them In All Kinds of Ways. WITH THAT SAID. I Have Read Every Book, White paper, Special Report, Video and Audio I can get my Hands on. And Not One. And I Mean NOT ONE Contains a single Specific HOW-TO Example or Case Study. Just Generic HOOEY.)

B — Best MasterMind Example I Ever Found — Story Here —

C — Walter 5 foot tall — Hated “itsy Bitsy” nick name

D— Started Selling Bread Flour to Grocery Store Managers

E — Read “Think & Grow Rich”

F — Created a 10 Person Mastermind

G — Every Morning — Listened to Earl Nightingale Records — then went out to sell.

CHAPTER #14 — The MasterMind Effect — 10 Men Helping Each Other Sell More.

A —The Reason Why Grocery Stores LINED Up To Buy from Walter

B — Walters Marketing:

1 — Record player

2 — Country — Western Records

3 — A chair

4 — Recipes

C — After Everyone became a Millionaire. Walter Started Selling Insurance. Used The SAME Mastermind Idea to Sell a Billion Dollars of Insurance.

CHAPTER #15 — “How Walter Went from Insurance Agent.

A — To Selling 50% of all Insurance for the Company.

B — To Buying the Company.

C — To a Billion in Sales and selling the Business.

CHAPTER #16 — GrandMaster Kim Mastermind Group of 2. (1st 5th Degree Black Belt woman from Korea.)

A — Speech from the Stage in front of 3000 people.

B — (Business Trade Show) (Mastermind Example A — Women in Wheel Chairs Break Boards. Sell a “How-To-Video.”

C — This one is WACKO. Mastermind Example B — (Mid-Night Selling in Hotel Hallway)

#1 — IBM Sales Partner

#2 — 3-D Binder of Newspaper Articles — People She Healed with Her Chi

#3 — Hand out Forms for Vitamin MLM

CHAPTER #17 — Jay Abraham Masterminding at 1 Am — Protege Bootcamp.

A — Jay Didn’t Sell Anything with the DEEP TRUST he CREATED in his Audience. — What I Sold at Back of Room During Coffee Breaks.

B — What I Did

C — What I Said

D — Why 99% wrote me a Check

CHAPTER #18 — How a Client Made 125K with a Mastermind & Didn’t Spend a Dime.

A — Free Marketing by Radio DJ, Weather Girls, Grocery Stores And 4-Star Hotel.

B — Local Charity Mailed It’s Members

C — Free Breakfast Marketing Presentation

D — 2nd Group Bought a 995.00 Marketing Seminar

E — Five Paid 25K for LifeTime Marketing Consulting MASTERMIND Group Meeting.

CHAPTER #19–1/2 Billion Mentor, Gaylord Briley.

A — How Gaylord Used a MASTERMIND Group of 20 to Raise 400 Million for Norman Vincent Peale

B — How Gaylord Sold 7000 Books To a Bookstore

C — How Gaylord Gets 100% Response (Meaning 100% of any List He Mails Sends Money)

CHAPTER #20 — JAY ABRAHAM — How Jay Grew Sales by Millions. Created Both Physical And Tele-Conference MASTERMIND GROUPS — for a Leather Furniture Company owner.

A — What Jay Said.

B — What Jay did to PRIME The PUMP — Get Ideas Flowing

C — One Example Idea that Doubled Sales of Leather Furniture

CHAPTER #21–500 Million Mentor, Jim Straw, Masterminding Strategy Jim Used to Make a 1/2 Billion.

A — Attend Charity events

B — Attend Industry Trade Shows

C — Mastermind with Folks in 1st Class on Airplanes, Cruises, 5 Star Hotels and Restaurants.

D — Jim’s EMERGENCY CASH Strategy We Apply for Clients and Ezine Readers.

CHAPTER #22 — Susan — Owns Her Own Island — Because of The Mastermind Groups She Created to Be #1 In Sales in 3 Different Industries.

A — I Watched Her Use a MASTERMIND Strategy to Sell 1000 Name Tag Buttons

B — How She Gets 25K from Small Biz OWners to Join a Weekly Mastermind.

C — Mastermind Btwn My Friend Mike & Susan to Sell From The Stage In Hong Kong.

1 — Mike is a Former Circus Clown who does “Air Juggling”

2 — Fortune Cookie Gifts to 1000 in Audience

3 — Susan Makes Book Offer -

4 — Book Is Sales Letter for Her Mastermind Sessions

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3 Successful MasterMind Examples With Clients —

CHAPTER #23 — Aussie Physical Therapist Mastermind Results —

A — Ask Questions of Swim Clubs Across Australia — all in PAIN.

B — Dog Walking Meets Other Dog Walkers (WEaring Masks) in PAIN.

C — Offer Free Pain Relief Zoom Sessions.

D — Send Videos of Successful PAIN Relief to Swimmers, Dog Walkers, Referrals and Friends IN PAIN.

E — Total Failure.

F — Research Books About PAIN RELIEF on

G — SUCCESS! We Discover Only 1 Kind of PAIN RELIEF Book is Selling. And Only 1 Video About US Healing that Type of PAIN — Gets Australians in PAIN to Buy.

CHAPTER #24 — Cartoonist Client Mastermind Results -

A — Arthur Just DOUBLED the # of Thumbs up and Comments On His Most Recent 3-D Cartoon Stories.

B — Arthur Started Polling his Patreon Buyers — to Find Out Which Stories They Liked. And What people they wanted to see IN those Stories.

C — We’re Debating how to TWEAK the Stories.

CHAPTER #25 — Insurance Company Owner -

A — Wants to Sell to a New Niche — Contractors

B — I sent him a Insurance Sales Script that grossed 1 billion

C — Owner told me how he became #1 in Insurance Sales with this Question: “Will You Help Me?” (He Created a Referral Script.)

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How We Masterminded with 3 Mentors. Combined An Idea From Each. To Create Something New. “How to Drug People With Words — By Triggering Pleasure Endorphins In Readers Brains.”

CHAPTER #26–Three Affluent Mentor Ideas Comined.

I — My Personal Flirt Test Success Story.

II — A Client Success Case Study.

III — How We Are Making Extra Moolah From Home with the idea.

A — How Gary Halbert Drugged Women with His Hot Pink Caddy.

B — How J. K. Rowling Put 1000’s of Kids in Hospital with “Drug Withdrawal Symptoms.” (Which means She Drugged Her Readers with Words!)

C — Puppy Book Sells 15 Million Copies (Uses a J. K. Word Drug Idea)

D — My Successful FLIRT TEST of the “Endorphin Drug” idea.

E — Client Case Study — Ramon Successfully Drugs Women on a Dating Website.

F — How We Are Making Extra Dinero with a Photo Plus Copywriting Strategy in our Emails and Sales Letters.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

Hobby:Test Ideas from Billionaire Writers. Free “Greased Pig Speed Writing-HowTo Write w/Your Unconscious Mind.” book.