How to Drug Readers with Harry Potter Words — Part #1

Dear Friend,

Thanks to Billionaire Writer, J. K. Rowling, whose “Harry Potter” Books put thousands of kids into the Hospital with “Drug-Withdrawal-Symptoms.”

We’ve Been Testing Her Psycho-Word-Strategies.

(EDITORS NOTE — Strangely — the front page Newspaper stories about parents rushing their kids to Hospitals in the UK. And diagnosis from Psychiatrists and Psychologists have Dis-appeared from the net.)

But What is Not Gone is:

I — Harry Potter Theme parks Costing 500 Million to Build

II — Butter Beer (Long lines to buy the stuff)

III — Best selling products with the words, “Platform 9 3/4” on them.

IV — College Kids — worldwide — running around with Broomsticks between their Legs Playing “Quidditch.

V — Harry Potter Movie “Invitation to Hogwarts School of Magic” selling for — 30,000 pounds or 41,000 Dollars.

We Re-Read “Harry Potter.”

AND Just so You Have a Better Idea of What J. K. Rowling does in HER Word-Pictures. Here is a Quick Example from a Harry Potter book.

a — Harry’s Uncle’s Sister Comes to Visit.

b — She calls Harry’s mother “A Bitch.”

c — Harry gets Angry. (Normal so far, right?)

d — Suddenly the Woman Starts to Swell up like a balloon.

e — And Floats away — through a bay window in the house — and up into the sky.


Will You Agree that is One HECK of a Word-Picture TWIST?


This is WEIRD. So Let’s state this a different way. Not easy to Explain the Psychological Trick Ms Rowling uses to Get inside Our Minds.

She Creates a Word Picture.

Each word-pricure Starts Out Normally then Gets Freaky.

Now We Try!

3 Email Experiments...

SUCCESS IS MEASURED BY — If The Person We Write the Poem to EMAILS BACK. (Because, as you know, it is difficult to Cut thru the Chaos to get Folks to Respond to Emails.)


A Normal to Slightly TWISTED Poem I wrote to, Ben, my Neighbor. (He Emailed me for the 1st time in 10 years After I cut The weeds off his front hill for him. Thus the longer Poem.)

Thanks for Paying me Twenty,

For Cutting weeds off Your Bank,

I Used Your Munny To Fill My Tank,

I Filled my Belly & There was Plenty.

I Tipped Waitress Emily A Buck,

And Just my Luck,

8 Cooks in the Kitchen,

So as not to Be Chicken,

I Peeled off 8 Lotto Tickets,

Handed them Over,

Then After My Pay-it-forward Bets,

I Gave Her my Food Order.

I Ordered a Cup But Got a Bowl of Soup,

Don’t let that Throw You for a Loop,

Because I Got a Ton of French Fries Too,

A Huge Pile on The Foot Long Plate Yah-hoo.

So for 10 Bucks in Tips,

And 7.50 for The Food,

I Got Enough food to Feed a Brood,

Of Pigs but There was just me Pushing food past my Lips.

I Also Gave Emily a Green LED Ring,

And When Emily Began to Sing,

Other Waiters and Waitresses Began to Cling,

And Gather Around Our Table Ring -a-Ding-Ding.



Ben Came out on his Porch When I was Walking by his house. Thanked me for Writing him a Poem.

  • ***
  • ***

And a 2nd Poetry Test — Ends with a “Strange” Tip We Tested In Restaurants.

There Once Was a Guy Named Damon,

I Wanted to Thank for Coming,

Back to me with Results On The Test,

You Were Quick to Attract A Guest,

To Feed with Pop-Corn & A Movie,

Your Choice of a Horror Flick was a Doozie.

Anyway it’s a Numbers Game,

I got Another Way to Attract A Dame.

Try Wearing These LED Glasses,

In Your Dating Website Portrait,

When I Ask Waitresses To Choose,

These LED Glasses Never Lose.



Damon Emailed me Back Right Away.

“Yes, I have to try the led glasses on my dating profile and in public.

Where do you get all these cool ideas cause I love them?

Thanks Damon,

  • ***
  • ***

And Test #3 — What’s that Wabbit Doing in Your Garage?

There once was a Gal Named Elspeth,

Who had some Weird Pets,

The Dogs and The Cat,

Are Normal As You Can Get.

But Rabbits In Your Garage,

Have Gotten me Upset.

Because You Can Bet,

The Wabbits You Lodge,

Will soon Eat My Garden to Death.



Elspeth Emailed back Right Away. Her Email Said, “

“The last several years we had one rabbit in the back yard. This year there are two. Rabbits are good at multiplying.

“We have a very noisy very fast mouse in the bedroom that I think is brain damaged. The Dog heard him and went after him. The mouse was so freaked out that it dashed across the room and hid behind my feet!

So 100% Success.

3 Poems with a TWIST — 3 Immediate Answers.