How We Get Waiters To Help Us Test Food Cooked In WEIRD Ways


What You are looking at is my New Solar Oven.

I am trying to eat Vegetarian.

And those Tiny little Plates, Restaurants use to put the Veggie Side Dishes into, have Forced me to Pull out the Big Psychological Guns.

We Test Invisible Psychology, From 25 Self Made Billionaires, on Restaurant Employees.


Get More Than 3 Bites of Vegetables.

Before I Tell You About My “Solar Oven Plan” to Bring My Own Food, Cooked in Weird Ways, to Restaurants…


One of My Previous Successful WEIRD FOOD Tests Is a Good Example of what You Might do.

What do we Know about Waiters, Barmaids, Faster food Cashiers, Waitresses?

Waiters and Waitresses are BORED.

So IF You Agree it is Your Job to Entertain Them, You can Look Forward to all kinds of Fun Benefits.

A — You will meet all the Wait-Staff. The Manager. And the owner if he or she is there.

B — You Get Incredible, Friendly Service.

C — You May get Extra food.

D — You might even meet one or more of the Cooks.

You Can Follow along for one of my EARLY Entertain-The-Waitress-Weird-Food-Tests.

WEIRDNESS FACTOR — Food Cooked in Pouches.

STEP I — When You see Your Waitress Approaching Your Table —

a — You Wave at her.

b — Smile

c — Shake and Rattle the aluminum Pouch of food

d — Show Her the Food Label — “Scambled Eggs with Bacon”

e — And ask, “When You Bring me my Soup can You Also Bring me a cup of hot water? I’m Testing This “Scrambled Eggs & Bacon” You Cook In The Pouch.”

Your Waitress LIGHTS UP like the sun.

SHE Says, “Really? Sure. How Does that Work? Is it any good?”

YOU Answer, “I dunno. But that is what we are going to find out with YOUR HELP.”

And You and 2 or 3 of the Waiters Get to PLAY AROUND with a New And WEIRD Way to Cook and Eat Food!


Let’s Switch to the SOLAR OVEN.

Test #1 — I put two Yellow Squash in the metal Tube. Cloudy day. With Some Sun. I went outside twice to move the Solar Oven. (They have a tiny sun dial built in — so you can Line the Solar Reflectors up with the sun.)

Ignored it for 3 Hours.

Went outside. Opened it up. Cooked the Squash just fine.

Test #2 — Today I am Testing a couple of Hot Dogs. (The Directions say 45 Minutes to Boil water.) So an hour in Direct Sunlight might be enough.)

This is the Reason for my Tests.

To get a “FEEL” for how much Time it takes for various Foods to cook with Solar Power.

You Say, “But Glenn, Hot Dogs are not Vegetarian.”

True. But I do cheat once in a while. So I can Imagine pulling a couple hot dogs out of my Solar Oven — In front of a Gobsmacked Waiter.

Then Cutting the Hot Dogs up. Putting them in My plate of broccoli.

Test #3 — The tiny “Tinker Bell” version of the “Eat The Whole Dessert Casserole & Lose Weight” Recipe we Used to Sell 1.2 Million Bucks of Seminar Seats for Marketing Genius — Jay Abraham.

You Doubt This Is Possible?

Here’s Proof:

#1 — Tony Robbins mailed a letter to his Customer list Endorsing Jay’s “Protege Bootcamp.”

#2 — Then We’d call and Ask The Receptionist For Her Email Address. “I want to Send Your Boss a Thank You note. And my Favorite Recipe in the world. I can Eat 8 Servings and still Lose Wgt. I’d Love for you to try it. Tell me what You Think.”

#3 — (You know I’ve never met a woman who didn’t think she could “Lose a few pounds.”) So I Always Get the contact info.

#4 — I Often didn’t know her bosses Name. So I asked her to Spell it for me.

#5 —I send a Thank You Note full of Proven 6 and 7 Figure ideas. Plus a one page “Dessert Casserole Recipe.”

#6 — Then Phone The Receptionist to DOUBLE CHECK she got everything Ok.

#7 — After We Discuss The Amazing Recipe — She agrees to Put the Thank you note into her Bosses IN BOX.


The Dessert Casserole Recipe Turned THE GATE KEEPER (Who is supposed to protect her boss from salespeople.)into my Friend, Co-hort, colleague.

Who HELPS me talk to her boss.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

Master of Ceremonies of the Billionaire Watching Club

P.S. — I’ll Write another Article once I Test the “Tiny Solar Oven” version of my Casserole Recipe.

P.P.S. — If You Didn’t SPOT the Invisible Psychology that 25 of our Billionaire mentors use Constantly, well it IS Invisible.

But Mixing the Aluminum Pouch, A cup of Hot water, My Soup, My Broccoli, dumping the Pouch onto my plate, Passing it around the Table so my “Guests” can Try a sample. And sharing a bite with the waitress.

This Unpredictable Combo — Triggers Brain Drugs Called “Endorphins.”

And puts the waiter or waitress into a Happy Kinda, Sorta Drug-like State of mind.


Don’t be. Scientists have discovered TALKING about yourself on Youtube or other social media sites is ALREADY Drugging you with Endorphins.

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