How We Used 25 Billionaire mentors — “Variable Rewards Psychology” — to Create The Trust Needed to Get a Laughing Woman, at a Party, to Tell Me She Was In a Lot Of Pain.


Kate-the-Waitress came over to our table. I held up a 1.00 bill & Flashed an LED Key Chain Light at her. Then said, “Which do you want as a tip? The LED Light or the 1.00 Bill?

Kate Chose the Dollar.

Karen-sitting-Across-from me said, “Oooh. I could use that LED myself.” So I handed it to her.

Terri, to my right, looked Left out. So I dug in my pants pocket. Pulled out a blue LED Ring. Turned it on and Handed it to her. And she Smiled and put it (Still Flashing) on her Finger.

Then I plopped 2 LED Ice Cubes in my glass of ice water.

Sheila down the end pass a Request thru 2 people. “Sheila likes your Flashing ice cubes. Can she have one?”

So I dug my one remaining LED Ice Cube out of my pocket. Passed it over to Sheila.

Silly, right?

Not So Kimosabe. The LED Ring, LED Key Chain Light & LED Ice-cubes are Well Tested. They often WIN out over a 1.00 bill in dozens of our Tipping Tests.

So they make great Magic-Mis-Direction.

LED Distractions.

People Only See the Flashing Lights. Do Not Look Deeper to Find Out The Psychology Behind the fun. Because we are Testing A Strategy our “Billionaire Watching Club” has caught 25 Billionaires using to grow sales.

a — B. F. Skinner Discovered Rats and Chickens Show Addictive Behavior When their food Rewards are Unpredictable.

b — Casinos, On-Line Multiple Role player games like “Fortnite” and State Lotto — All use Dr Skinners “Variable Reward” Psychology.

c — You say, “You Awful Person.” However. I have asked for a couple years. And have Yet to find one single Waiter or waitress or cashier who is not Throwing my tips away at a Casino, or buying State Lottery tickets or Playing a “Free Addictive Game”.

So Phooey. We are not doing any harm. All of these Folks are ALREADY caught in the “Variable Reward” Psychological snare.

After the party, Sally walks over to me. And says, “I really liked all those little party gifts you were giving away. Especially the LED Light. Because I can’t see to put my key into the door lock at my house. And have to Knock on a window to get my son to let me in.”

So I took an LED Light off my own Key Chain.

Gave it to her.

50 cents each when you buy a bag full.

  • **Then we Compared eye-glasses. I am near-sighted. Need glasses to drive. But not to read. Sally can see distances ok. But is legally blind close up.
  • **Then Sally asked if I was right or left handed. She is a lefty. I use my left to pull weeds and open bottles. My right to eat, throw and Write with a pen.
  • **Turned out I hated School. Didn’t like memorizing stuff. Sally got 4.0 in all her classes. But admitted she can’t remember a thing.
  • **Sally said She thinks her Anxiety attacks affect her memory. And she finds it difficult to be around strangers. But she FAKES it. Smiles and laughs.

“I Bartered for a 15,000.00 Ancient Chinese Secret that Heals PTSD and Helps Rape Victims.

“With Your Permission, I have something that might help.

I told Sally, “I Bartered with a Top USA Psychologist. (I helped 2 out of work patents get jobs.)

“She paid 15K to attend a seminar. Husband and wife Team Re-Discovered how to heal Emotional Pain with Accu-pressure points.

“She can Cure PTSD and Helps Rape Victims.

Sally bursts out, “I have PTSD.”

I shared the story of how I called Alan-my-Pharmacy-Client. He had a splitting headache from doing his taxes. Two Minutes later — NO PAIN.

Sally wanted to try it.

So I Showed her the 8 Accu-Pressure points on my own face. Walked her Thru where to press with her fingers. And when to say the Affirmation.

60 Seconds later Sally had Mascara tears running down her face.

(EDITORS NOTE — Let me tell you. It’s Very Satisfying to be able to Help people out of pain.)

I wasn’t sure. So I said, “It worked!”

Sally nodded while mopping tears with a kleenex.

I drew a round face on a 3 by 5 Card. Put an X on each Accu-Pressure Point. And wrote the Affirmation down.

Then asked, “Why are you flexing your legs like that? Do you want to sit down?”

Sally, “My knees hurt all the time. For the past 20 years.”

I did a Quick mental debate.

I’d Told people at the party why I ONLY ordered Veggie Side Dishes. Durham wheat makes my joints ache. Nightshade plants too. No Red tomatoes or white potatoes or eggplant. And whatever “They” put in beef and pork Hurts my joints too.

I seem to be a rare bird. Seems nobody else is willing to Change what they eat. But when you Scream in your sleep — when you roll over. Which forced me to choose btwn surgery or Testing foods to CUT from your Diet.

I CHOSE to stay with my Original joints.

Sally heard me at the party.

Did Not Seem to Make The Connection. Some of HER joint pain might be food related too.

So I told Sally, “I brought two bottles of CACTUS JUICE. In 20 or 30 minutes it takes away all kinds of pain. Relieves inflammation.”

“I was going to pour 2 inches for everybody at the party. Then ask if anybody had their Pain go away. But somebody Recognized the bottle. Her boyfriend drank a WHOLE bottle and got sick.

“More than 2 or 3 Swallows and it chases you to the bathroom. I had to put it away. But since I planned to give it away. Here is a Bottle for You.”

I gave her a bottle of CACTUS JUICE.

a — I told Sally how CACTUS Juice took away my Dad’s 60 years of horrific Pollen allergies. Violently ill when he went outside. Had to wear a mask. SUDDENLY he could walk around — symptom free.

b — Korean war Veteran Neighbor — His legs were swelling. And his knees hurt. Could barely walk with a cane. I bought him a bottle of CACTUS JUICE. Suddenly Dick was walking up and down the road.

c — A Neighbor who flipped her car. Broker her back. Is in all kinds of pain. Gave her a bottle at her Birthday lunch. She said, “Most of my aches and pains are gone.”

Sally was in such pain she took a few sips right There in the parking lot.

AND after a 1/2 hour — to my great Satisfaction — Sally Reported her knees were feeling better.

Impressive. After 20 years of pain you wouldn’t think any NATURAL Remedy would help that fast.

The CACTUS JUICE Discovery story goes like this.

A white Eye followed an Indian Medicine around. Spotted him cutting the fruit out of the top of Cactus. And using it to cure all kinds of maladies for his tribe.

White man Planted 100,000 Acres of Cactus. Now sells CACTUS JUICE all over the world.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

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