Indian ArrowHead Referral System Gets Concrete Contractor A Job At Disneyland

Merry Christmas,

Met an Inventor at a 25,000.00 Seminar.

Jim had invented Stainless Steel Rebar. So when the Steel Reinforcement Rods go into Concrete they don’t Rust. Expand. And Destroy The Concrete Floors and walls.

This is a Multi-Trillion dollar INFRA-STRUCTURE Nightmare. Bridges, Roads, Buildings, parking Structures, houses are ALL Exploding from Inside The Concrete.

Job Security — right?

Jim was Replacing Concrete Floors for the owners of Canning and Frozen Food Manufacturing Companies.

But had SLOW Days with nothing to do for his Crew.


We Asked Jim some Questions.


Jim said, “I met a Guy who Taught me to Flint Nap Obsidian Arrow Heads. I gift them to Canning Plant Managers and owners.


“Let’s Turn Your ArrowHead Hobby Into a Referral System. AFTER the Work is done. You are in The Owners office to Say, “GoodBye.”

“AND Pick up the check.

“You Don’t Just Say, Thank You.

“You Gift him with a 1-of-a-kind Thank You REWARD. A Reward that keeps Referring you Business. Because Every Visitor to his office will ASK about The Thank You Placque.

I — Big Oak Plaque

II — Gleaming, Shiny, Sharp Obsidian Arrow Head Mounted in the Middle.

III — Gold Letters at the Bottom Say, “Thank You, John.”

(EDITORS NOTE — And We Told him What to Say to Get Referrals to Prospects Who are Equal to or Better Than He is.)


Jim Reported Back that he now gets 1 or 2 Canning Plant Referrals During Each Concrete Project.

NEXT Jim called with More Good News.

Disneyland had hired him.

I — Disney needed Stronger Concrete under their 5 Ton animatronic Lions, Bears and Tigers.

II — Disneyland wanted to Conceal LED Lights in The Sidewalk outside Restaurants.

III — Disneyland is installing Flourescent Tubes in the Walls of Restaurants.


So when You drive up (At Night) to celebrate a Marriage, Retirement or Birthday Party. You See These LIT UP WORDS.

“Happy Birthday Glenn”

Imbedded in The Sidewalk or the Restaurant Wall.

NEXT — Jim Called and Warren Buffet Had Hired him to Replace the Rotting (Probably Radioactive) floor in one of his Nuclear Power Plants.

I Never Heard from Jim after that.

Jim is Probably glowing in The Dark. Hires himself and His Crew out as a LIGHTING ATTRACTION.

What We DO Know.

Jim Doubled Sales in the Canning Industry.

Then had to Hire And Train 2 More Concrete Crews to do all The Disneyland Projects. So that is at least 3X more Sales.

The Warren Buffet Power Plants?

Like Potato Chips — Jim didn’t Replace the floor in Just One Power Plant.

Dunno How much Moolah one Plant floor after the other brings in.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

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