My Boss Said, “How Are You Getting So Much Work Out of the 800 Temps I Hired for the Summer? The Lazy Bums.”

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Dear Friend,

My Boss At The University was Upset, “How In The Hell are You Getting So much Work Done?”

I asked, “What do You Mean?”

Bob Said, “I hired 20 School teachers to Inspect 1400 Apartments. And 800 Temps to move Furniture & Do Cleaning Ahead of the Maintenance Crew.

“Your Group Is Doing Great. But When We Spot Check Behind The Other Teams it’s a Disaster. What are You Doing?

“We Could Get Fired.”

“We have to Get This Block of Apartments Ready to Be Rented For Soccer Camp Next week. We could all get Fired!”

I told Bob, “Relax. Just Put me and my Group in the Block of rooms that have to be Done First. We’ll Knock them out Quick.”

Bob — “Can You Teach The 20 School Teachers to do what you are doing?”

ME — “I Don’t know. I memorized the names of the 800 People You Hired. And I Read this book about Andrew Carnegie. How He Motivated his Men in his Steel Mills.” So I adapted what He Did to Get My Guys to Work Harder.”

Bob — “You Memorized All 800 Names? Nobody Else is going to do that. I have an idea. Let’s Try This. We’ll Swap the Guys and Gals You Trained over to some of the 20 Teachers. And See what Happens.

ME — “Ok with me.”

Bob Started STALKING ME. Watching what I Did. — “Finally Came over and Said, “This is a Disaster. You Got that block of apartments Ready to Rent.

“But Nobody Else Can Get These People to Work. Your Guys are Worthless working with Anybody but you. OK. How Do You Feel About Over-time?

“You Start on This Next Apartment Complex. And We’ll Give You More Janitors and Maintenance Guys.

(EDITORS NOTE — Bob had to Fire All 20 of his Young School Teachers. I Was Working 80 Hour weeks. But Eventually — had all 800 Janitors and Maintenance Crew — Working with me. 40 Hrs a week for them. 80 hrs a week for me.)


We Borrowed an Idea from The First BILLIONAIRE.

Just My Opinion, But I Think THIS IDEA Is What Made Andrew Carnegie So rich.

Keep Reading to Find Out what we Did to Adapt What Carnegie Did In Steel Mills to Janitors and Maintenance Men and 800 Temp Workers.

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A Story from The Andrew Carnegie Book:

The Big Boss of a Group of Steel Mills Stopped by a Problem Mill. The PROBLEM? They were Pouring 3 fewer “Heats” of Steel than other Steel Mills.

The Big Boss (Trained by Carnegie) Asked for a Piece of Chalk. And (On The Cement Floor Next to the Time clock) Wrote Down the # of Heats of Steel Poured by the Day Shift.


The Big Boss told the Plant Manager. “I’ll Be Back at the End of The Night Shift. And I’ll Bring Donuts. Just in case The Night Shift beats the Day Shift.”


Using Donuts THE BIG BOSS was Able to Compete the Day Shift VS the Night Shift until the Total # of “Heats” of Steel Poured Got up to 8 — To Match the other Steel Mills.

You Can IMAGINE the Razzing.

“Ha Ha. We Won the Donuts from The Big Boss. We Poured 6 Heats. You Only did 5.”

AFTER they proved they could Do It. They were Held to that Higher Level of Production.

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New Furniture in 1000 Apartments -

The Teachers and Me Got a Massive Truck full of Furniture to Install.

Instead of Starting Right Away.

I — I went down the lineup of my group of 50 guys. Shook Hands. Memorized names.

II — 100 Degrees in the Shade. We all standing in the middle of an Asphalt parking lot. Hot Sun. SWEATING. So I sent a Maintenance Helper out to Buy 5 Cases of Bottled Water. One Case of Lemonade. And 20 Pounds of ice. Dumped it all into a rusty Steel Barrel.

III — I Checked Furniture off my Map. Standing at the Semi — Trailer Truck full of Furniture. Each time a Crew of Guys came back after Carrying Dining room tables and 6 Chairs. Or Heavy Desks and chairs — I handed each one a Bottle of Ice Cold Water.


We had Different Teams RACING Each other to Get LEMONADE.

How Did I Keep Track?

The Side of the Truck was Filthy with a layer of thick Dirt.

So I Put the name of Each Team on The Truck — with my FINGER in the Dirt.

Gary Team — Sam Team — Eric Team — Bill Team — David Team

And Marked off the # of Pieces of Furniture Each Team Carried.

EASY to SEE Who Was Ahead — And They PUBLICLY Got Handed LEMONADE By Me.

A bit too Successful. I had to Send Jason back for 2 more Cases of Lemonade.

But MY Guys were Running back and forth between the Apartment Buildings and The Truck.

BOB-The-Boss-Watching-from-His-Air-Conditioned-Car — Said, “None of the Teachers wants to Buy Water. Or drink it out of a Dirty Barrel.”

The Teachers Teams — Stacked Furniture in Piles inside Apartments. We Ended Up Having to Take a Crew thru all 1000 Units. Put the Furniture in the Right Rooms.

(EDITORS NOTE — We Met The Assistant Director of Physical Services. My Future Boss.)

Janitorial Cleaning in 1000 Apartments —

I asked.

Was told The University had 5 Job Openings for Full Time Janitorial Employees.

So Told My Group that The Best Workers Would Get Chosen for Full time Jobs and Benefits.

AND when The Over-Time Got to Be Too Much.

And We Had NO-SHOWS on Weekends.

We Took The Smaller Group to McDonalds on a Saturday. Got everybody a Burger, fries and a coke.

Gossip and Scuttlebutt About the F-r-e-e Food meant…

100% Attendance on the following Sunday.


We Got Promoted.

And my “Team” was put into the MUST BE READY Apartments.

Maintenance and Repairs in 1000 Apartments —

Since BOB-My-BOSS was Watching — I needed a Sneaky Way to Motivate the Minimum Wage Maintenance Men.

My spot checks Showed Mildewed Shower Curtains not getting Replaced. Leaky Faucets and Plugged up toilets not getting Repaired.

So I Started Taping 1.00 Bills to Furniture, faucets, Holes in Walls — that needed Repairing.

Nobody EVER went to my Boss to Complain that, “Glenn Is Taping Money to Broken Items inside Apartments.”

So Bob Couldn’t Say, “You are Not Allowed to Bribe Your Team.”


Not really.

And the Dollar Bribes Are Not what Made the Magic.

I Told the guys that Whoever Brought me the Most 1.00 Bills Would get A Free PIZZA. (I told them I put a “Secret” Mark on each bill but I Did Nothing.)


When The #1 Performing Maintenance Man Got a Free Pizza Delivered IN FRONT OF THE REST of the Team. The other guys were Jealous.

THAT IS The Magic.

What we Call — “Invisible Carnegie Competition.”

Bob-My-Boss Was Mystified.

Bob — “Your Guys are Running back and Forth. Everybody Else working with the Teachers is moving like Molasses.”

We Got Promoted Again.



How Do You Use CARNEGIE COMPETITION To Make Extra Moolah?

From Home — By Phone.

I Was a Sort of “Shadow Consultant” to the Chicken Soup for the Soul Partners —

Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield (Authors of Chicken Soup for The Soul) — Used to Do “How to Write a Best Selling Book” Seminars.

Last Minute.

The Two men Called Their Marketing Consultant. A friend of mine — Who Called to Brainstorm with me.

3 Days Before An Event. 100 EMPTY SEATS!


A Version of “Carnegie Competition” to the Rescue.

STEP I — Email their list about a FREE Conference Call. Where Mark and Jack would Randomly HELP Book Authors SELL MORE BOOKS.

STEP II — The 2 Men Chose a Couple Authors THEY Really could Help. Shared specific (And proven) Ideas.

STEP III — Then at the End of 90 Minutes they Shared an 800# People could Call to SIGN UP for the Last dozen Empty Seats at their “How to Write a Best Selling Book” bootcamp.

(EDITORS NOTE — Get it? Scarcity. If folks KNEW there were 100 Empty seats They might not have WANTED to Come.)


The Thousands of folks on the Free Conference Call — Not only Filled the Empty Seats. But they had to Increase the size of the Banquet Hall they rented.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

Hobby:Test Ideas from Billionaire Writers. Free “Greased Pig Speed Writing-HowTo Write w/Your Unconscious Mind.” book.