PINK TEDDY BEAR Advice To A Website Developer Who Can’t Get Paid.

Dear Jasper,

Thanks for Sending Me a Link to Your Website. It’s Very Beautiful. But All Your Words and Color Photos are about FEATURES. And People BUY Benefits.

Genius Copywriter Gary Halbert Said, “The Difference Between a Feature and a Benefit is This. A Feature is the Pretty Curtains You Have in the Cabin of Your Boat. A BENEFIT is the Ocean-Going Shock Absorber that Keeps Your Boat from Sinking in Bad Weather.

TRANSLATED to Website Building.

A Website FEATURE for a Website You Build for a Client is THEIR NEW Website is Ranked #1 on Google.

A Website BENEFIT is The New Website You Built for them Has ALREADY Made Them Extra Money. Gotten New Clients. And is Creating New Leads While they Sleep.





(EDITORS NOTE — If They Do Not Pay You. Already Dealt with that issue for a Client. You Shut off the Money VALVE — Sell the Leads to Their #1 Competitor.)

EQUALLY IMPORTANT To Getting Paying Clients Is That You Are NOT BORING.

Small Business Owners Buy from INTERESTING People. Yes — They Should Respect You. But They Also FEEL (UNconsciously) That You Should Be ENTERTAINING. (I Blame Steve Jobs & The iPhone)

In Our Interviews with Self Made Billionaires Like Paul Meyer. Owner of 31 Companies. We Discovered ALL of them have Money Making Hobbies.

BELOW — You will Notice I Have Combined ENTERTAINMENT With My Moolah Making Hobby Examples.

Photos of a GIANT PINK TEDDY BEAR a Happy Client Bought Me sitting beside my Container Garden.

We Pocket Thousands a year Growing Veggies.

The First Photo is Boring.

This Next Photo Makes People Smile. (The Same Garden Pots. But Before They Grew So Big.)

This Next Hobby Pays Me TWICE.

#1 — No Health Club Fees

#2 — We Save thousands off our Heating Bill

Trees Blow Down On The 40 Acre Farm.

BEFORE Photo — Tree Down Across Logging Road.

When I Meet Prospects at a Hotel. And they go to the Health Club. While they SWEAT I Sit Down Along the Wall.

They ask, “Aren’t You Going to Exercise?”

When I Show them My BEFORE and AFTER Exercise Pics — they say, “Ok. You Probably DO Need Rest.”

AFTER Photo — Oak Tree Cut and Mostly Split up.

WOODSHED Photo of Split Wood —

Prospects Talk About Their Life and Business. Then Want to Know More About What YOU Do.


We Show Them A View out The Back Door. A Herd of Deer So Close You Can Hit ‘em with A Brick.


Brag About the Red Tailed Hawk that We Watch DIVE BOMB off the Roof as he Hunts Mice. Email them a Pic of the View out Our Office

The Words and Picture Sequence You Have Seen SO FAR — Up The Page — We Learned From J. K. Rowling.

J. K. Uses the Exact Same Hidden Strategy IN HARRY POTTER — Found in This Ad Which We Have Used to Sell 9 Yachts (Actually More. Since Each Yacht Owner Helped Other Yacht Owners Sell too) and Several Million Dollars of Houses.


These 3 Lines Have Grossed Millions. And Have Been Adapted to Sell Houses. Land, Jewelry, Art, Disney Collectibles And Tesla and Lamborgini Cars.

Husband Fell In Love.

Bought a 2nd Yacht.

Wife Steamed! Must Sell Hers..

CAll ____________.


Literally 100’s of calls come in. So many My Yacht Owner Complained. And had to Turn Their Phones off. And Give Away Buyers to Other Yacht Owners.


ADAPTED to Sell Real Estate —

Bought Daughter a Pony,

My Yard is Now MUD,

Found House w/More Grass,

Must Sell House Quick.

Call _____________

The Above Ad — Written up on the Front Page of The Real Estate Section — Of the Local Paper. And Stuck in Craigs List. Got 1000’s of Phone Calls.

The “MUD-HOUSE” Sold in a Week. And Our client Sold Several Other Houses Too.

What’s that you say?

You’d Like to Get a FEEL For This Hidden Psychology?

You Want to Try Out a Billion Dollar Idea INVISIBLY?


Okey Dokey.

You Can DO that.

We’ve Been Hiding Billion Dollar Ideas in Flirt Tipping Stories. And Directions For Years. (To encourage Mastermind Members to Play with New Ideas.)

KEEP READING to Find Out How You Can Test 1 or More of these 3 Ideas.

I — Andrew Carnegie Competition

II — J. K. Rowling Word Pictures

III — Disneyland Florida — Magic Munny Making Magnetism

Below are Your 3 Pre-Tested Magnets. (We Know These Work. You Are Guaranteed Success. Just Follow the Simple Directions.)

  • *********
  • *********

Hi-Profit-Hobby — THESE Photos Show Tiny Toys — Waiters and Waitresses Choose Instead of a 1.00 Bill Or a 1.00 LOTTO Ticket.

WAitresses Choose A LED RING 9 out of 10 times Instead of a LOTTO TICKET.

Give Cashiers a Choice. And 90% of the Time They Pick The Squeaky Yellow Duckie or The Fuzzy Wittle Wabbit Over a 1.00 or a Lotto Ticket.

Check Out These Simple Directions.

(EDITORS NOTE — Keep in Mind There Is a Billion And a Trillion Dollar Idea Hidden In THE DIRECTIONS. Email me — — With Your Successful Tipping Story — And You Get INVITED to Join Our Top 1% World-Wide-Mastermind Group and Get 156 New Articles NOT Found in Our Ezine.)


(You Get Paid Multiple Times.)

#1 — More food

#2 — No Waiting — Faster Service.

#3 — You Meet Other Waiters and the Manager. Sometimes

#4 — You Meet The Cooks (Who Want a Wabbit for their Kids)

#5 — With Billion & Trillion Invisible PSYCHO Hocus Pocus in Play — Expect Weird But Positive Things to Happen.

#6 — The Universe LUVS You When You Give Away Moolah. Expect to Get 10X Back — Right Away or Later. (And expect Surprises That Come from Anywhere.)

#7 — Woops. Forgot One. These Little “Toys” are So Powerful You Can Use Them to Make Money. Or Pick Up Girls.

***You Can PICK UP WOMEN — Not Kidding. A Client wore an LED RING in his Dating Site Photo. And He Started Getting Emails from Women.

***Sara — MLM Biz Owner Reports Signing clients Who Watch Her Tip the Waiter, the Cook And a few More. She reports Prospects “Have so much Fun they want to Work with me.”

Duck Link

Bunny Wabbit LINK -

LED KeyChain Lite — Bright Like the Sun — (CAn’t Find the LED RINGS.) But People Pick These Lights over 1.00 bill or Lotto ticket too.

STEP I — Hold Up The Instant Scratch Off 1.00 Lotto ticket FIRST. And say, “Do You want a LOTTO ticket or A _________” as a Tip.

STEP II — AFTER They Pick The Yellow Duckie. You Hold Up a LOTTO Ticket And A Wabbit.

(EDITORS NOTE — You Get The Idea. Work Your Way Thru The toys. And ASK, “Is It OK if I Tip You DURING the Meal?”

STEP III — After They Pick The LED KeyChain Lite — Instead of The LOTTO Ticket. Hold Up a 1.00 bill and a LOTTO ticket. Ask, “Ok. Which one do You Want Now?”


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association


Email me at

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