Steve Jobs College GirlFriend Explains The “Magic Trick” That Got Coeds To Buy Him Lunch.

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Dear Friend,

My Friend Randy-The-Retired-CIA Agent and Computer Genius hunted Down Steve Job’s College Girl Friend.

And We Interviewed Her by phone.

Later, when We Read The Walter Isaacson Book About Steve, a Few Things Became Much Clearer.

What I want to Focus on here, though, is Salesmanship.

Based on The Combination of INFO from “THE GIRLFRIEND” and “The Isaacson book” — Steve Seemed to Have Practiced His Famous Sales Skills on College Coeds.

Before He and Woz Started “APPLE COMPUTER” Steve Jobs Was Practicing Salesmanship.

COLLEGE GIRLFRIEND — “Steve Told me he met a Sales Wizard when he was trying to sell a Typewriter dr to dr. He disappeared for a while. When He came Back he was Changed. I held the Magic tricks. Steve Talked to Coeds.”

ISAACSON BOOK— The book Mentions The Typewriter Incident. And how The Man Steve Met was in College Because of a Miracle of Salesmanship. This “College Student/Sales Wizard” had been Caught by the FBI with TENS of THOUSANDS of Doses of LSD. Talked the FBI into letting him attend College instead of Prison.

Talking Yourself out of a Lengthy Prison Sentence Proves The Guy Was A Fantastic SalesPerson.

And Talking About Fantastic Salesmanship…

Leads us to What Steve Worked Out BEFORE He Started “Selling to Coeds.”

Preparation BEFORE He Said a Single Word.

GIRLFRIEND — Steve had a Black Beard, Wild Hair, Was Barefoot, Wore Jeans and a Table Cloth.

A Valid Question is: Why Didn’t Coeds RUN?

With Advice from His Sales Wizard Mentor, Steve Seems to Have Figured A way to OVER-COME How he Looked.

Step I — Steve took his Girlfriend to a Local Magic Shop. They bought a few Easy Magic Tricks.

Step II — Steve-With-His-Head-Sticking-Out-The-Middle-of-a-Table-Cloth WAITED next to a Well-Travelled Path Between College Buildings.

Step III — Steve Would Wave a Group of Coeds to a Halt. Point to his Girlfriend — Holding several colorful Magic Gags. And say, “My Girlfriend and I Just Got Some New Magic Gags. Would One of You Ladies Help Me Test Out a New Magic Trick?

Step IV — WHEW. The Girls Sighed in Relief. He Won’t Attack Us. He has a Girlfriend.

Step V — Steve Then Pointed to a Homely Girl with Glasses Or Braces. Got her To say, “YES” — She Will help.

(EDITORS NOTE — A Question for You. Have You Ever Had Someone Sneak Up Behind You? Then POP a Paper Bag? YOU JUMPED 3 Feet in The Air! This happened to me too. It’s a Natural Body Reflex.)


I Once Gave a 50 year old Woman Cashier a Instant Scratch Off Lotto Ticket. A Thank You Reward for her help. She won 10 Dollars. Started Jumping up and down and Screaming like a little Girl.

And THAT is What Steve Jobs Was Practicing.

How to Use a Natural Human Impulse to Get People EXCITED Before You Ask Them To Buy. (Or in Steve’s Case BEFORE He Asked Coeds to Buy Him Lunch.)

There IS Such A Thing as a FREE LUNCH…

If You Are Steve Jobs.

GIRLFRIEND — “Steve Named What he was Doing. “The Energy Elevator Magic Trick.”

Steve Had Prepared Well in Advance. (Just Like He Prepared for each Speech he made for “Apple” — where he announced a new Gadget.)

A — Steve Entertained The Coeds. (The Magic Gags in his Girlfriends hands.)

B — Steve Calmed the Girls Down. (Girlfriend Nearby. So this Wild-man in a Table Cloth is not an Ax Murderer.)

C — Steve Asked Permission. (Good Manners. What a Surprise. A Gentleman.)

D — Steve Singled Out The Plain “Glasses-Wearing-Girl.” Not The Beauty. A Gal Who is more likely to Be Flattered. And say, “Yes.”

(EDITORS NOTE — Steve Had Insisted that his Parents Pay to send him to the Most Expensive College in California. But When He Got There. Steve Did Not Like The Courses. Refused to Pay. Slept on Friends Dorm Floors. Ate at a Local Soup Kitchen. AND Persuaded Coeds to Buy him Lunch.)

Knowing all of these Girls had Money…

Steve Asked The Following Question:

“What Is The MOST EXPENSIVE Thing You Have Ever Bought?”

Waited While The Girl Was Thinking.



AH. NO. Steve Didn’t want to Scare the Girls.

I only Used The POPPED PAPER BAG Example. Because Whatever Sound You Make While The Girl is Thinking About BIG BUCKS. A Clown Squeak Toy. Ringing a Bell. Tapping on a Glass with a metal Pen.

She Jumps.

So the Glasses Wearing Coed Jumps.

Gets Excited.

So Steve Would say, “Ok. Let’s Stop And Check if My MAGIC TRICK Worked. Do You Feel An ENERGY BOOST when I Do *THIS*?



“YES, I Feel My Energy Jump.”


Let’s Unpack a bit.

Just Suppose *THIS* Means Steve Squeezes a SQUEAKY DUCK Toy.

SQUEAK #1 — She Gets Excited Thinking about The Fun She Had Spending Money for a new Car.

SQUEAK #2 -Glasses-Girl — Gets More Excited.

SQUEAK #3 -Even More Excited.

Then Steve Says, “Wow. Big Bucks for a New Car.”

Steve POINTS At Her Clothes. “Nice Duds.”

ASKS, “Did Everybody eat today?”


STEVE — “Well I Spent My Food Money on Magic Tricks. I’m Hungry. Points to GLASSES GIRL — And ASKS, “Will You Please Make Me a Sandwich?”

Everybody looks at “Glasses Girl.”

She is Embarrassed.


And doesn’t want to Be Rude.

So She Says, “Yes.”

And then Steve Adds Value.

STEVE — “Oh, Almost forgot. ONE MORE THING.”

Steve Closes The Deal for ENDLESS FREE LUNCHES.

He says, “Tell You What. I’ll Teach You The “Energy Elevator Magic Trick.” So You Can Raise and Lower your Energy All By Yourself.

Steve SQUEAKS the Yellow Ducky. And Glasses Girl Feels Excited.

And Then Steve Hands her the Duck.

GIRLFRIEND — “Each Coed Steve Did The “Magic Energy Elevator” FOR Bought Steve Lunch Many times. And Usually Let him sleep on their Couch.”


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

P.S. — WASSAT You Say?

You’ve read Lots of Sales Books? None of Them Taught You How To PREPARE BEFORE The Sale OR How To Get a Prospect EXCITED Before You Talk Business?

Quick Question — Any of Those Books Written By a Self Made Billionaire?

P.P.S. — You have Another Question?

You Ask, “Why Didn’t Steve Share?