VIP REPORT #6 — How We Use The Billion Dollar Aussie Candy Jar Sales System To Make Moolah From Home…And for Clients.”

POSTCARD DIRECTIONS Got 3 Millionaires on The Phone in 24 Hours. (Insurance Co Owner, Website Builder, Chiropractor)

Dear Friend,

426 Million Mentor, Walter Hailey, Personally sold over 500 MILLION Bucks worth of Insurance. Walter Used to Talk about how He PRE-HEATED Insurance Prospects BEFORE He Called or Visited Them.

An Example:

Walter heard about an affluent TX Biz Owner whose daughter was Very sick. Walter knew the Top Expert.

Called the Father. Said, “I heard your daughter is ill. I have made an Appointment for you with the #1 Expert In The USA. My Plane is Waiting at the Airport.

“Tell me when you want to go and I will have a LIMO Pick You and Your Wife and Daughter up.”

THE MAN LATER bought 37 Million of Biz, Home, Car and Life Insurance.


How Do WE Bring WALTERS Level of PRE-HEAT to the Table? What can THE REST OF US Do to Create Massive *Golden Rule of Reciprocity EMOTION* Inside the Mind of a Prospect BEFORE We Call Or Visit Them?

I Suggest The Sales System that Has Doubled THOUSANDS of Aussie Salespeople’s Incomes Might Be Better than a Cold Call. Where you say, “Hey, You Wanna Buy _________ From Me?”


BECAUSE everything we do Here At The World-Wide-Mastermind-Network has a 365 Day 100% moolah Back Guarantee. We Wanted something So Fantastic You Literally Cannot Fail.


Just Below You Will See Us Combine:

I — A 400 Million A Year — Thank You Insurance Sales System

***A Man Stood Up at a 25K Event. Said, “I Doubled Insurance SAles in 3 States using Thank You Notes. I am The ONLY ONE who Bought Him Lunch. And Found out Exactly that “2X Sales” meant an Extra 400 Million in Sales.

II — An Invisible Trillion Dollar Addictive PSYCHO-SALES-STRATEGY — Our Billionaire Watching Club Has Caught 27 Billionaires using to Take our Munny.

***J. K. Rowling of HARRY POTTER Fame. Front Page Newspaper Articles (Since Deleted from the Net) Screamed, “100’s of Parents Rush Kids to Hospital with Drug-Like-Withdrawal-Symptoms.

III — Combined with the Billion Dollar Aussie Candy Jar Sales System.

  • **An Aussie Client Told me About This. We Tested. Tested to Two Ezine Readers. Made 3700.00



How The Aussie Candy Jar Sales System Works ALL BY ITSELF.


You are a Professional Practice Owner. (CPA, Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor) Who Knows that Everybody You Contact ALREADY does Business with a Competitor or Yours.

Your Service is viewed as a Commodity.

Most of Your Competition Sell based on Price.

(EDITORS NOTE — I know the #1 ACCOUNTANT in 3 Eastern States. So I am Going to Use 3 Of his Benefits with The Candy Jar System)

Step I — You (Mr CPA) Send a Candy Jar to The President of an Association. Your Goal. Be Chosen to Give a Talk at the State Trade Association Conference.

Step II — You Get a Plastic Jar from Wal-Mart. Put Your Business Card on The Bottom. Write on the Back of the Card, “Call for a Free Refill.” Pour M&M’s on top. Box it. UPS it.

Step III — You Put a WHITE ENVELOPE on Top with a Note that says, “I See In The XYZ Trade Magazine Your members Have Trouble Keeping Clients. I have 3 Strategies. Have only Lost 1 Client in 3 Years. QUESTION — What is Best Way to Share this with your members?”

AND YOU CALL to Double Check The M&M Chocolate Thank You Reward Arrived OK.

AND the Receptionist — Who You can HEAR Munching M&M’s Hands the Phone to the President of The Association.

And You SKIP weeks of Wasted Time Trying to Get The BOSS on the Phone.

YES — The CPA Did Get The OK To Do a Speech.

  • **The CPA Pays for a Clipping Service to Keep Each Client UP with the latest in their Industry.
  • He sells Their houses for them
  • He mass Orders Cars — Gets Huge Discounts for his Clients



How We Combine The 400 Million, The Trillion and The Candy Jar Billion Dollar Systems To Make Extra Money.

Layer I — We (Wrote a note) Thanked a Lady Chiropractor for an Article at her Website.

Layer II — We Mailed The Candy Jar — with the Thank You Note on Top. The Biz Card offer Under The Candy.

Layer III — We Adapted J. K. Rowlings COPYWRITING Application of the Trillion Buck ADDICTION Psychology SYSTEM.

  1. HARRY POTTER Book #1 — - Owls in the yard Deliver a Letter Invite to Harry — To go to Hogwarts School of Magic. Uncle tears it up.
  2. Letters Thru the front door mail slot.
  3. 100’s of letters thru the slot. (Uncle Nails a board over the slot.)
  4. 100’s down the Chimney. (Uncle goes crazy)
  5. Harry’s Uncle Drives the Whole family to the Coast
  6. They ROW a Boat out to an island
  7. Lock the door
  8. A Giant Knocks the Door Down. Gives Harry his Letter. And a Birthday cake.

— —

— —

What we Did to Adapt This TRILLION DOLLAR Psychological Idea was -

A — Mail the Candy Jar

B — Put a Thank You Note on Top

C — Put my Biz Card Underneath

D — Write, “Call for a Free Candy Refill.”

E — Email her a DOUBLE CHECKING Note.

F — Phone and Leave her a Voice Mail to Triple Check.

AND BEFORE I Could Get Any Further Than THAT — the Phone Rang. And it was The Happy, Laughing Lady Chiropractor!

SHE LOVED The Thank You Candy Jar and We Made An Appointment to Talk Further.

You Might Have a Question LIKE, “Why do total Strangers Pay You Money?”


The Above Triple Layer Cake of MEGA IDEAS Creates a Deep Personal Relationship with people.



Think About Taking a Trip to the Center of the Earth — DEEP.

Rhonda-The Chiropractor Asked me to Help Persuade Her Current Clients to BUY Tantric Sex Lessons.

Rhonda the Chiropractor TOLD ME —

“I am Having Weekly Tantric Sex Lessons with a Local Indian Guru.”

“I Want to Sell This to my Existing Chiropractic Patients.”

“Your M&M Candy Jar was Perfect Timing. I need Your Help Marketing This New Tantric Sex Methodology.”


DOWN THE WABBIT HOLE with Alice. Into Tantric Sex Wonderland.

Now We Are Adapting What Steve Jobs Did to Excite Coeds — in College to Get Free Lunch and a Place to Sleep. — Based on an Interview we did with His Girlfriend.

And Adding on the Big (Sales and Consulting) Idea inside “The 80/20 Principle” Book by Koch.

Which has made Richard Koch a Billionaire.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

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